Helping you Keep Your asthma under control

Posted on April 22, 2015


  • Take asthma medicines the way doctor says to take them.
  • Try to identify and control your asthma attack triggers. Once identified, avoid exposure to the trigger.
  • Know the signs your asthma getting worse and how to respond.
  • Always carry your quick-relief asthma medicine with you when you leave home.
  • Avoid dust & smoke at workplace & home.
  • Make special changes to the room where the person with asthma sleeps.
  • Take out rugs and carpets. They get dusty and  moldy.
  • Take out soft chairs, cushions and extra pillows. They collect dust.
  • Do not let animals on the bed or in the bed room.
  • No smoking or strong smells in the bedroom.
  • Put special dust-proof covers on the mattress and pillow.
  • Wash sheets and blankets often in very hot water.
  • Sweep ,vacuum, or dust , paint, spray for insects, use strong  cleaners ,cook  strong  smelling foods in the absence of asthma patient.
  • There is no special diet for disease, but the best is two to three light meals a day with the simplest combination of fruits  , vegetables  , whole-grain cereals and mil.
  • Make it a point that if you have asthma, your lungs get plenty of fresh air. However it is important that you avoid chilling.
  • Moderate exercises are beneficial.
  • Refill your prescriptions on time so you can stay on track.
  • Know what to do if your symptoms get worse.


  • Do not deny the fact that you have asthma. Accept it and take medications to  control it.
  • Do not forget or refuse to take the medications that can control it.
  • Not following  an asthma  treatment program is not a good choice.
  • Smoking.
  • Do not over eat.
  • Food known to cause allergy.
  • Avoid mucus-forming foods such as a dairy foods, chocolates refined  white flour, bread ,cakes and white sugar are best avoided in asthma.
  • Self medications.
  • Wrapping hair with towel after washing as the moisture in the head resulting in asthma attack.
  • Avoid keeping pets in your bedroom and sleeping areas at all times.